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Dear Customer,

You can use the website to select and choose any images you want printed. All of the images can be purchased in free standing strut mounts directly from the website. If you require any prints framed, can I suggest you give me a call first to discuss your requirements.

If you are ordering directly on the website, you can pay by credit card or by posting a cheque directly to me. If you are paying by cheque, please deduct 5% from the total cost, and mail me a cheque for the balance.

Any problems, drop me an email or give me a call.


Chameleon Photography
Amber portfolioPrivate portfolio
Debbie's Family Collection 2017 portfolioPortrait Shoot portfolio
Lesley's family Collection portfolioModel portfolio
HIF Cannon Lynch Court portfolioRob's Family Collection portfolio
Paul & Elaine's Wedding Collection portfolioHomes in Focus portfolio
Paul & Elaine's Pre-Wedding Collection portfolioDominique & Leon Engagement portfolio
David's Family Gallery portfolioDebbie's Family Collection 2016 portfolio
Pratibha Family Collection portfolioGerry's Family Collection portfolio
Lauren & Ryan's Wedding Collection portfolioDebbie's family Collection 2015 portfolio
Kirkland High Prom portfolioSteph & David's Wedding portfolio
Gillian & Chris's Wedding portfolioLisa & Scott's Wedding portfolio